The intelligent domain blocker

Barriqade blocks any domain you want.

Smart overview

Easily see if Barriqade is doing its job. See how many requests for domains it has processed, how many were blocked and how much time that has saved you. For instance, blocking ads makes pages load quicker and blocking online tracking services protects your online privacy. Also, the intelligent caching mechanism of Barriqade reduces domain lookup times, saving you even more time.

See which domains were blocked

The latest domain requests by your device are shown, including whether they were blocked (and why). If you do not want any of the requests to be blocked anymore, just click Never Block and Barriqade will no longer block that domain. Similarly, you can block domains by clicking Always Block.

Enable domain block lists

We maintain a number of domain lists for you, so you can block malicious, advertisement, marketing and tracking domains simply by checking the list. Barriqade will make sure you automatically get the latest version of those lists.

Customize your rules

Besides our maintained domain lists, you can block or whitelist any domain you like.

Add your rules

Configure your own rules with ease.

Artificial intelligence

Some malicious domains may not already be listed in our malicious domains, like some used by crypto ransomware. Using this feature, you enable Barriqade's artifical intelligence to determine if a domain may be malicious by its characteristics.

Configure DNS resolvers

Barriqade does all the work to make sure your device gets the quickest domain lookups from so called DNS servers near you. However, if you want, you can force it to use a particular DNS server.

Intelligent caching

Caching of domain lookup results improves the speed of your browsing experience and any other program on your device using the internet.

Automatic updates

Domain block lists, like the malicious domains, maintained by us are automatically being updated.


Need support, or you like to report a domain we should add to a domain block list?