Barriqade 2016 Released

November 28, 2015

The first release of Barriqade 2016 has been published. The 2016 version contains a new domain block list with domains known or suspected to be used for Windows 10 user tracking. Enabling this domain block list in Barriqade will benefit your privacy by stopping your device from connecting to those domains and sending user tracking and/or telemetry data.

Besides the new domain block list, there is now also the addition of artifical intelligence for determining if a domain is likely to be malicious even before it is listed in our malicious domains block list. This feature is, among other things, focussing on the apparent random domain names generated and used by crypto ransomware.

New features and changes

The following changes/additions are also applied:

  • Barriqade Manager now shows edit window for block list item if user double clicks on a block list item shown in My Custom Domain Rules.
  • Added menu item in help menu of Barriqade Manager to see what's new in the current release (change log).
  • Minor GUI improvements in Barriqade Agent and Barriqade Manager.
  • Updated version of EULA (2015-12-12-A) included and applicable.
  • Updated web resource urls to latest mapping with Barriqade website structure.
  • Moved button to export diagnostics file in Barriqade Manager from About screen to the Help menu on the main window of Barriqade Manager, making it more accessible.
  • Barriqade Manager now closes when user clicks the download link to update a new version of Barriqade when prompted a newer version is available. This may avoid issues with locked files during update.
  • Improved version numbering display.
  • Improved error messages in log entries.
  • Replaced display of blocked requests with complete view of all recently processed domain lookup results in Barriqade Manager.
  • Improved logging details and corrected logging levels.
  • Service will now always look for new DNS servers whenever settings are saved in Barriqade Manager.
  • Improved pseudonym representation of domain names in log files by including the length of each label in the domain name.
  • Changed sorting order in My Custom Domain List window. Domains exempt from blocking are now listed and processed before blocked domains.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes are also applied:

  • Issue when disabling Barriqade, restarting Windows and then re-enabling Barriqade, which will not turn it back on.
  • Initial display of Manager suggesting in the first second loading the screen that Barriqade is disabled, while it is not.
  • Issue when selecting Domain Lookup tab in Barriqade Manager, resulting a Barriqade Manager crashing when client is under heavy load.
  • Fixed issue with applying new rules in My Custom Rules.
  • Solved issue with calculations of statistics.

Download Barriqade 2016